Best Icons of the Month! (August)

Best Icons of the Month! (August)

First of all, some really exciting news, guys — my Icon Design Guide is approaching the finish line! It took me way more time than I had expected, but the final draft is already done and being proofread right at this very moment. However, I still need to design the guide itself and complete an unimaginable number of various tasks before publishing it. If everything goes as planned, the Guide will be released in October. Fingers crossed!

Now let’s move on to the other thing I want to share with you today — August Icons of the Month! It’s unbelievable how many different styles and unique approaches towards icon design there are! Always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic icon designers and icon sets amongst the ones I’ve selected for you today. Cheers!

by Matt Anderson

by Damian Kidd

by James Anderson

by Denis Rodchenko

by Jen Cotton

by Nick Slater

by Eight Hour Day

by Denis Rodchenko

by Kirill Kazachek

by James McDonald

by Rwds

by George Bokhua

by Matt Chalwell

by Volkan Gأ¼nal

by Vic Bell

by Parakeet

by Parakeet

by Stephen Andrew

by Louie Mantia

by Alexa Grafera

by Blake Thomas

by Simon Gustavsson

by Dan Fleming

by Sander de Wekker

by Sander de Wekker

by Evgeniy Artsebasov

by Pavel Kozlov

by Aleksey Belikov

by James McDonald


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