Best Icons of the Month! (October)

Best Icons of the Month! (October)

October Icons of the Month are here! It’s unbelievable how many different styles and unique approaches towards icon design there are! Always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic icon designers and icon sets amongst the ones I’ve selected for you today. Cheers!

by Dmitri Litvinov

by clᴧy

by Dmitriy Mir

by Alex Vanderzon

by Sooodesign

by Sahil Sadigov

by Carlos del Barrio

by buatoom

by Jovie Brett Bardoles

by Nick Edlin

by Vincent Le Moign

by Pavel Kozlov

by Thierry Fousse

by Ion Popa

by Budi Tanrim

by Budi Tanrim

by Nick Slater

by Sander de Wekker

by Ema Dimitrova

by Denis Rodchenko

emoji by @Lu Yu, presentation by Tobias van Schneider

by Vincent Le Moign

by Frantisek Kusovsky

by Carlos del Barrio

by Adrian Goia

by James Oconnell

by Alex Pronsky

by King Chen

by Sergey

by Scott Tusk

by Pavel Kozlov

by Victor Belinatti

by Rocky Roark

by Makers Company

by Dalibor Pajic

by Laura Reen

by Stephen Andrew

by chrsss

by Evgeniy Artsebasov

by Zach Roszczewski

by Mikoto

by Budi Tanrim

by momo design team

by Icojam

by Icojam

by last spark

by Carolyn Zhang

by Jon McClure

by Martin David

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