Best Icons of the Week (Week 18)

Best Icons of the Week (Week 18)

Hey guys! How are you doing? Once again I present you collection of great icons and icon sets. It’s nice to see so many different styles and interesting approaches on icon design. I’m sure you will discover some great icon designers and awesome icon sets. Cheers!


Errors by Viet Huynh

Boxbee Icons

Boxbee Icons by Sooodesign

Love & Romance Icons

Love & Romance Icons by Sooodesign

Suitcase Icon

Suitcase Icon by Mustafa Kural

Coffee Time

Coffee Time by Kyle Adams

webina flat: Coffee

webina flat: Coffee by Laura Reen


Icons by Santiago Gatti

Rainbow Poop

Rainbow Poop by Zivile Zickute

Lexicon animated icons

Lexicon animated icons by Marcos Castro


Square by Skang

Stuart Icons

Stuart Icons by Farzad Ban

Travel Spots

Travel Spots by brian hurst

Podcast Icons

Podcast Icons by Jon McClure

Space / Amenities Icons

Space / Amenities Icons by Yvonne Ren

Backpack Icons

Backpack Icons by Scott Tusk

(FREE!!) Valentino By Sunbzy

(FREE!!) Valentino By Sunbzy by Sunbzy

i c o n s

i c o n s by James McDonald

Animated Icons

Animated Icons by Kevin Yang


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