Best Icons of the Month! (November)

Best Icons of the Month! (November)

Over the course of the last month I’ve received an incredible amount of positive feedback on my Icon Design Guide. I’ve spoken to tons of people who enjoyed it, many of whom have already put theory into practice and created their own icon set. Pretty fantastic, isn’t it? This makes me even more happy and proud because I really adore people who don’t just absorb information but turn it into action and come up with an actual product. We all know way too well how easily ebooks get buried deep in your hard drive without a person even reading it. We keep postponing it, making up excuses until we completely forget about it (or our desire to make a use of it). I’m no better either, I’m guilty of it myself. So I encourage you not to procrastinate and try creating your own icon set now. You’ll see how enjoyable it is.
If you lack inspiration, I’m here to help!

As I do every month, I collected the best icons to give you this essential pinch of inspiration and keep the fire inside of you burning. Take a peak into these different styles and unique approaches towards icon design! It’s always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic icon designers and icon sets amongst the ones I selected for you this time.

Feel free to pin and share the ones that you love the most. It will help these great icon designers to get discovered.

Stay inspired, stay curious.

by Brian W

by Sidecar

by Meg Robichaud

by Nick Slater

by Gustavo Zambelli

by Rwds

by Carlos del Barrio

by Tomas Brunsdon

by Tomas Brunsdon

by Pöcike

by Ampeross

by John Schlemmer

by Prakhar Neel Sharma

by Vincent Le Moign

by Melissa Yeager

by Budi Tanrim

by Carla Corrales

by July Pluto

by Jonathan Kurten

by Rafał Urbański

by Yasir Eryılmaz

by ZGG

by Abhimanyu Rana

by Matt Scribner

by Joanna Ławniczak

by 木了个瓜

by Simonas Mačiulis

by Bogdan Rosu

by Divan Raj

by Rifai Muhamad

by Hyuk-in Kim

by Daniel Klopper

by Vic Bell


by Aslan A.

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Want to learn how to create icons as awesome as these ones? Check out my Free Icon Design Guide. It will teach you everything you need to know about icon design to get started.


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