Audddience: A Comprehensive Guide to Building your Dribbble following

The system that has brought me more than 50,000+ followers on Dribbble and let me triple my income while going full-time freelance.

This guide is not only about getting more followers. It’s about how building your audience can change your life!


Why do I even need an audience?

Have you ever wanted to launch your own brand, sell your products, increase your rates, pursue a freelance career? These, and lots of other benefits will become possible once you grow your audience.

  • You will get ton of job inquiries and be able to do what you love;
  • Work opportunities with big brands;
  • You will significantly increase your rates;
  • You will be perceived as an authority;
  • People will see you as an expert in your field;
  • People will already be interested in your products when you start selling;
  • New connections and approaching people will come way easier;
  • Tons of new opportunities you couldn’t even imagine about before.

Why Dribbble?

Dribbble is the place to show and tell, promote, discover, and explore design.

More importantly, though, it’s a community of thousands of creative people with whom you can share what you do on a daily basis. It’s without a doubt one of the most influential networks for those interested in design.

But what too many people don’t understand, is that Dribbble is the place where thousands of businesses turn to when looking for designers, potential employees or contractors. Not only that, it’s also where you can build your name as a designer. A lot of designers started their career on Dribbble, myself included.

Dribbble is hands down the best place to be if you’re a designer. It helped me to take my career to another level, and it will help you too.

80% of designers get a job inquiry!

If you look at the Dribbble’s 2016 stats, you’ll see that it’s nearly impossible not to get a job proposal! My personal record was 12 inquiries in a single day!


Designers that received work inquiries

Work inquiries sent to designers

Jobs for designers posted

“Don’t underestimate the power of Dribbble. Over $800K of our 2013 revenue was tied to people finding us there.”

Erik Reagan
Focus Lab

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What is this guide about?

Basically, I’ve compiled everything I’ve learned about building your audience on Dribbble and put it in this guide. But it’s much more than just teaching you how to get more followers on Dribbble; the guide focuses on giving you enough theory to take action and build your audience yourself, with the help of my actionable tips and techniques

This guide will give you what you need to build your Dribbble audience:

How to get a Dribbble invite?

Everyone is free to join Dribbble to stay inspired and explore wonderful works by other people. However, it’s not until you start posting your own shots that you will see its real value. And to do that, you must be invited by an active contributor. This is not as easy as it seems. Throughout these years, I’ve been approached by literally hundreds of people asking for an invite and I’ve helped all of them to get it. I’ll be sharing the best ways to get an invite 100%.

5 pillars of building your audience.

This could be a book of its own. From my experience, I’ve noticed that there are 5 essential things that must be done if you want to build your audience. These principles are universal and it doesn’t matter what medium or social network you’re using. They helped me build my audience of more than 44,000 people on Dribbble, get 50,000+ Instagram followers and almost 20,000 newsletter subscribers. If you implement only one of these principles, it will definitely help you with creating your audience, but for this system to really work, you must apply all of them. The magic growth happens when you combine all five pillars.

Little secrets and techniques that will triple the rate, in which you will build your Dribbble audience

Although five pillars of building your audience are universal for all media, I will be giving you the exact practical things you can do to triple the speed at which you build your Dribbble audience. Some of these techniques include:


  • Knowing when the perfect time to upload your shot is;
  • How to get your shot seen by as many people as possible;
  • Improving your chances to get to the popular page;
  • Repurposing your content;
  • Cross promoting your content;
  • Optimising your profile;
  • Setting up analytics to get important data and make decisions based on it;
  • Getting most out of using tags.
  • And many more!

Dribbble Success Stories

Read how people like you have changed their lives simply by doing things they love. You’ll find stories about Dribbble users building and growing their audience

Dribbble helps How Focus Lab to earn $800,000 in a year

We — and the greater design community — are blessed to access an affordable platform that can turn a couple hundred dollar membership investment into nearly $1 million in revenue.

New year resolution led to massive success!

Without Dribbble I would not have been able to make the jump to Ueno. The work I got through Dribbble made it possible for me to have something to build on.

$150,000+ in 3 years: Dribbble Success Story

A success story by Matt Olpinski. Dribbble has enabled him to go work as a freelancer full-time and brought amazing clients like Google, Yahoo, New York Times, Verizon Wireless, etc..

Unlock Secrets
to Building Your Dribbble Audience that will Change Your Life!

The system that has brought me more than 50,000+ followers on Dribbble and let me triple my income while going full-time freelance.

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