Best Icons of the Week (Week 19)

Best Icons of the Week (Week 19)

Hey guys! How are you doing? Once again I present you collection of great icons and icon sets. It’s nice to see so many different styles and interesting approaches on icon design. I’m sure you will discover some great icon designers and awesome icon sets. Cheers!

Icons for Photoshop Panel

Icons for Photoshop Panel by Kamil Khadeyev

Daily Routine Icons

Daily Routine Icons by Burnt Toast Creative

Basketball Icons

Basketball Icons by Sander de Wekker

Icons with faces!

Icons with faces! by Laura Bohill


Icons by Prekesh Chavda

Empty States II

Empty States II by Kyle Decker

Architecture Series

Architecture Series by Michael Wong


Icons by Nick Kumbari


Icons by Stephen Andrew

Travel Icon Suite

Travel Icon Suite by Zach Roszczewski

Free Farm Vector Icons by Sergey Minkin

Free Farm Vector Icons by Sergey Minkin

Random Illustration

Random Illustration by Selim Cherif

Tiny Medical Care

Tiny Medical Care by Laura Reen


Parenthood by Studio–JQ

An old Likon

An old Likon by Axel Herrmann

Office icon Set

Office icon Set by Denis Rodchenko

Twitter Stock Icons

Twitter Stock Icons by Louie Mantia

Category Icons

Category Icons by Martin David


Military by Julia Gabelko


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