Best Icons of the Year 2016

Best Icons of the Year 2016

I’ve collected an enormous number of amazing icons that could easily pass as the best icons of the year 2016. When I first came up with this idea, I thought this would be absolutely amazing! But soon I realized what a huge responsibility it actually is! In fact, it even crippled me, and I was unable to take action. However, one thing that I learned over the years is that no doubts should ever stop you. So I managed to pick myself up and started working on the list of the best icons of the year 2016.

How did I organize this collection? It’s all simpler than it seems. As you surely have noticed, I’ve been collecting the best icons of the month/week for quite a while. Since I’m kind of addicted to Dribbble, spending way too much time there, every now and then I stumble upon a great icon set and immediately put it into that month’s ‘best of’ selection. This way little by little I’ve already built this gigantic warehouse of fantastic icons. You can take a look at all of them here.

This time I just went through my collection and picked the ones that got the most attention, shares, and likes, and arranged them into one huge list that you are looking at now — The Best Icons of the Year 2016.

Am I qualified to make a list like this and all the more so — call it the best icons of the year? Probably not. So don’t take it too seriously and consider it my personal best icons of the year 2016. Look at it as a list of amazing icons that I’ve curated throughout recent years.

Let me present to you — The Best Icons of the Year 2016.

Feel free to pin and share the ones that you love the most. It will help these great icon designers to get discovered.

Stay inspired, stay curious.

by Srikant Shetty

by Ryan Putnam

by UI8

by Gert van Duinen

by Mustafa Kural

by Alejandro Ramirez

by Gustavo Zambelli

by Bryan Couchman

by Pedja Rusic

by Kee Lee

by John Schlemmer

by Matt Anderson

by Scott Tusk

by Kevin Yang

by brian hurst

by Farzad Ban

by Marcos Castro

by Nick Kumbari

by Prekesh

by Burnt Toast Creative

by Kamil Khadeyev

by Meg

by July Pluto

by Jordan Jenkins

by R A D I O

by Frexy

by Daniel Haire

by Adam Whitcroft

by Stan Aleyn

by Aleksandar Savic

by Fخ›NTخ›SY

by Yiwen Lu

by Zivile Zickute

by Nick Slater

by Daniel Haire

by Kyrylo Kazachek

by Ryan Putnam

by Laura Reen

by Kyle Adams

by James

by Nadia Ivanova

by Stephen Andrew Murrill

by Dmitri Litvinov

by Martin David

by Brook Wells

by Thierry Fousse

by Scott Tusk

by Dmitri Litvinov

by Brian W

by Sidecar

by Meg

by Tomas Brunsdon

by Alpأ،r Mأ©der

by Prakhar Neel Sharma

by Yasir Eryؤ±lmaz

by Daniel Klopper

by Denis Rodchenko

by Budi Tanrim

by Aslan A.


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