Icon Design Guide Landing page is Live!

Icon Design Guide Landing page is Live!

Hey, hope you’re doing well!

You probably noticed that I haven’t been posting as much as I used to. Well, that is all due to lots of work I’ve been occupied with recently, and all my remaining free time I’ve been devoting to the upcoming free icon design guide. So that you don’t think I’m making excuses, I thought I’d update you on the progress with the guide. I’m really giving it my all because I want it to be a complete and best source for everyone in icon design, regardless of whether you are only thinking about taking up designing icons or already have some experience. And believe me, the Guide is so worth waiting for! It is going to be massive.

Anyways, over the last week I’ve managed to put together the landing page for my Free Icon Design Guide.

Check it out!

Now when you can see what it’s all about and what it will be stuffed with, I definitely encourage you to sign up to be notified when the Guide is all done and ready to be spread. I reckon it will be an amazing source for anyone who is about to start out as an icon designer as well as for those of you who want to improve their icon design skills.

I’ll also be doing some giveaways on the launch day so you don’t want to miss out!

Stay tuned.


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