Best Icons of the Month! (January 2018)

Best Icons of the Month! (January 2018)

As I do every month, I collected the best icons to give you this essential pinch of inspiration and keep the fire inside of you burning. Take a peek into these different styles and unique approaches towards icon design! It’s always a great pleasure to discover them. I’m pretty sure that you will find some fantastic icon designers and icon sets amongst the ones I selected for you this time.

Feel free to pin and share the ones that you love the most. It will help these great icon designers to get discovered.

Stay inspired, stay curious.

by Kyle Decker

by number-21-9

by number-21-9

by Ramotion

by UI8

by Razvan Vezeteu

by Aleksandar Savic

by Stephen Andrew Murrill

by Kevin Moran

by Chaz Russo

by Dmitri Litvinov

by Iuu.

by Aleksandar Savic

by clل´§y

by Makers Company

by ellin_

by Dmitri Litvinov

by Patrick Aere

by Steve Wolf

by Morten Niklasson

by Nucleo

by Andrew Rosek

by shuishouge

by Gleb Kuznetsov✈

by LeoLogos.com | Smart Logos Designer

by Flatstudio

by Erin Moncrieff

by Daniel Bograd

by Nucleo

by Drew Ellis

by Fraser Davidson

by Pavel Ivanov

by Haji Su

by Significa

by Milos

by Ramy Wafaa

by Royyan Wijaya

by Dmitriy Mir

by Jed Whippey

by Matthew Skiles

by Stephen Andrew Murrill

by Isaac

by Nucleo

by Vy Tat

by Rwds

by Evgeniy Dolgov


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